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Pro-method DIY at home Headlight Restoration Kit (Recoating System) the Easy Do-It-Yourself Permanent Solution! No Experience Necessary!

Pro-method DIY Permanent Headlight Restoration Kit (Recoating System)!

Pro-method DIY Permanent Headlight Restoration Kit (Recoating System)! Rating:
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Product Description

Pro-Method... Permanent headlight restoration! Other headlight restoration kits include waxes and polishes to buff out faded headlights and while this can provide a temporary fix unfortunately the problem will return. You see, once a headlight has faded out it's lost it's original surface and can never ever again hold a permanent shine by simple buffing. This professional system allows you to completely re-coat the outside of the lens with a 2 part UV protective coating thicker and stronger than the original surface ever was! You're literally re-coating the surface of the light with a brand new layer of durable and rock hard 2 part crystal clear plastic re-surfacer . This professional system takes more work and time but not more experience than your average sanding and polish kit. If you've ever used a can of spray paint and sandpaper before you can successfully and permanently restore your headlight using this product. no disassembly of your lights required and no special tools. When you order Pro Method you'll feel great knowing you're restoring your headlights to better than new condition. The right way... You'll bring back that new car feel and at the same time increase safety in night driving situations by increasing headlight output.


  • A Headlight Restoration Kit that offers a more permanent solution than basic Headlight Cleaners!
  • Uses a more durable and longer lasting coating than factory!
  • The only permanent headlight restoration system on the market! Other products are designed to simply repolish your headlight lenses this kit literally resurfaces your headlights.
  • Restores even the worst oxidized Headlights that other cleaners can't touch!
  • Comes with an easy aerosol applicator and a two part rock hard crystal clear resurfacer, two microfiber towels, high quality polishing compound and a buffing pad that easily attaches directly to your hand drill!

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