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LectroFan – Fan Sound and White Noise Machine

LectroFan - Fan Sound and White Noise Machine, White

LectroFan - Fan Sound and White Noise Machine, White Rating:
List Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $54.95
(as of 09/07/2015 16:40 UTC - Details)

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Product Description

LectroFan uses state of the art technology to generate dynamic realistic sounds to drown out unwanted, disturbing, or intrusive noises. LectroFan's software produces completely non-repeating, realistic unique sounds. This means there is no annoying looping to distract you and the sound quality is superior to other solutions on the market. Use it in your office, bedroom, or take it with you on your travels. The versatile LectroFan uses a USB cord for power so it can be plugged into the supplied AC adapter, computers, or reachable battery packs. No matter where you are, it's easy to use! The LectroFan has two ways to reduce unwanted noises, either fan or white noise sounds. Both have 10 unique, non-repeating sound variations, each with adjustable volume control. LectroFan is a more economical solution than devices utilizing fans to generate sound because it takes less electricity to run. Because there are no moving parts, you will never replace motors or clean fan blades. One of the most popular times to use the LectroFan is during sleep to reduce noises that disturb sleep. Studies comparing sleeping pills and sound machines, found that the performance of sound machines were superior to over-the-counter sleep medications. Sound machines also provided the same level of sleep as prescription medications, but without the potentially dangerous side-effects. As an added benefit, sound machines do away with the recurring high cost of drugs. In addition to sleep, LectroFan also works great for speech privacy, blocking out noisy neighbors, drowning out snoring, reducing tinnitus ringing or hissing, sound proofing rooms for studying or reading, sleeping during the day, limiting startling noises that causes pets anxiety, and to create a more relaxing environment for yoga or meditation. LectroFan is available in white or black and comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.


  • 10 non-repeating unique fan sounds & 10 non-repeating unique white noise sounds to mask unwanted noises. Excellent for sleep at night or during the day, speech privacy, snoring, studying, tinnitus, pets, meditation and much more.
  • Multilevel adjustable volume and 60 minute sleep timer
  • Powered using USB. Can be plugged into computer or AC Adapter (included). AC adapter runs on 100 to 240 VAC
  • Multi-band parametric EQ speaker compensation
  • Small transportable size and great for travel

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