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Acuknee Knee Pain Treatment System – “Because No One Should Live in Pain”

Acuknee Knee Pain Treatment System

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Product Description

1 PTI Pain Warrior with lead wire set 13 TENS and NMES Modes, Proprietary COM and HAN Programs The AcuKnee System is a highly effective, state of the art electrotherapy treatment device with a durable wrap and innovative precision placed Velcro backed electrodes. Our Knee Treatment system utilizes the latest research and technology related to neuro-modulation. We utilize a highly modified sequence of frequencies with a sophisticated output device which has been shown to reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation associated with knee osteoarthritis. The AcuKnee treatment works by enhancing your body's natural healing mechanisms and suppressing interleukin-1 (IL-1) to relieve pain and inflammation. Contents include Pain Warrior Electrotherapy Device Wrap with lead wires and precise electrode placement pads. 5 Electrodes and 60g bottle of conductive gel Full Instructions on use and treatment guides. All Content and Images are copyright of AcuKnee LLC.


  • Now conveniently and inexpensively available, without a prescription, at a fraction of the cost of competing systems. Reimbursable (if conditions are met) by some insurance plans, and all HSA and FLEX spending accounts. The AcuKnee is safe, easy to use and comes with a thirty day return guarantee.
  • The AcuKnee is a complete System designed as an alternative treatment for knee osteoarthritis, knee replacement surgery, bone on bone and loss of cartilage, residual pain following meniscus surgery, for enhanced athletic recovery and for prevention of knee overuse syndromes. The AcuKnee treatment system utilizes the latest research and technology in precision electrotherapy. Our system comes complete and ready to treat including Spectra 360 conduction Gel, a custom and proprietary, patent pending compression wrap to insure maximum therapeutic effect and long lasting innovative Velcro backed electrodes. Our treatment system provides patent pending frequency sequencing, pulse width; dwell time, electrode positioning and polarity with a simple One-Touch 30 minute program used once daily. The AcuKnee was developed by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist and has been extensively researched, tested and refined using the most accurate scientific metrics. Our output PTI device includes the patent pending AcuKnee program plus HAN Mode and 7 TENS and 7 NMES programs for rapid muscle recovery. Clinically proven results using the industry leading KOOS score. We offer a full, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.
  • The AcuKneeTM System is the first dual channel, OTC, FDA cleared under 510K K100441, precision electrotherapy system. Dedicated to knee osteoarthritis treatment and a wide variety of knee pain syndromes, AcuKneeTM is highly effective for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis and non-surgical knee injuries. This innovative, patent pending system is now available directly to the public without a prescription. Our website data capture continues to show current users enjoy the reduction and elimination of pain when using the AcuKneeTM for the treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis. Seventy percent of users with mild arthritis, who follow our instructions closely, can expect to be pain free.
  • AcuKneeTM works because of the superior quality of our PTI electrotherapy unit, precise placement and the ability to treat daily. AcuKnee can eliminate the need for dangerous medications and unnecessary visits to your health provider's office. AcuKnee is used by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians. AcuKneeTM activates the body's natural healing mechanisms as suppressing interleukin-1 driven inflammation. The treatment provides durable long term benefits with a near immediate reduction in pain. The AcuKneeTM system is a great alternative and affordable treatment for a wide variety of painful knee conditions and the treatment of all stages of knee osteoarthritis including "bone on bone."
  • The AcuKneeTM is an FDA cleared, class 2 medical device. Our studies show it is more effective than other forms of electrotherapy, neuro-modulation or injection procedures. Our electrotherapy approach is based on the latest, world-wide medical research and testing. We have documented durable long term relief of pain and inflammation as well as restoration and protection of the cartilage in the knee. Triathletes, cyclists and athletes, even major league baseball umpires, use the AcuKnee as a recovery and injury prevention strategy, helping them gain a competitive edge. Athletes using our system can expect to return to sport faster. As an alternative to knee replacement surgery, our results show meaningful improvements in pain and function and may prevent or slow additional joint damage. This may delay or eliminate the need for knee replacement surgery.

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